Watch out! Don't let my sudden coming catch you unaware; don't let me find you living in careless ease, carousing and drinking, and occupied with problems of this life, like all the rest of the world.

Luke 21:34-35

Friday, November 2, 2007

Prepare The Way Of The Lord (Lk 3:4)


Soul Winning Campaign
Jesus Saves

We are called to build out an organized campaign to bring awareness to God's Eternal Kingdom.
Saints it's time to cry out everywhere to help ready people for the return of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Come join the coalition of Churches as we take the Gospel message to main streets; bringing attention for the need of people to receive God's gift of Salvation before it is eternally too late.

Help Wanted - Mat 9:37-38

Thank You For Visiting - Leave Comments

Praise The Lord Saints!
My name Is Ron Allen I am a local officer at
The Salvation Army in Roxbury, MA

It has been a blessing for several years now working with various Churches spreading the gospel in our community by using the theme
Soul Winning Campaign
Just wanted to inform you of the great joy that awaits us as we continue to unite as the body of Jesus Christ in sharing our witness with others.
I am looking forward to meeting with church leaders and willing supporters who are interested in having a presentation on the progress of the Soul Winning Campaign (Matthew 9:37-38)

Thursday, November 1, 2007



Rock The Block Service 9-23-07

Minister Daniel McCoy Walker

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Major Yvon Alkintor

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rock The Block Service Report 9-9-07

A Call To Rest

I will not be before you long, I don’t have a lot to tell you about Sunday night other than we did not hold a regularly scheduled service. There was a spirit filled cloud that was on our hearts, hopefully when you think about that cloud it will remind you of the cloud that assisted the Israelites when they were coming out of Egypt. When the cloud did not move they stayed in their tents and rested.

This rest that took place was attributed to our Choir Director, (Songster Leader) Julie, who was called into the eternal rest of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ last Sunday night. It was a sudden pronouncement that put such a pause on our efforts, the Lord allowed us to take time out to reflect and build each other up so that we are able to carry on. I can recall so clearly the Holy Spirit ordering me to stop loading the truck and go enjoy the morning service a little earlier than usual because of the circumstances. After service it appeared the battle was put on hold for the time being. In addition, the weather was dismal.

I would like to thank Brother Dan McCoy for sharing a wonderful sermonette, based on Joshua chapter 6, at our worship location to a few brothers who saturated the atmosphere with praise in spite of everybody else not being there. Dan let us know how the Lord uses some unusual plans to bring deliverance sometimes. Though the Israelites were prepared to fight, they had to walk, and even though they wanted to scream or make noise, they had to remain silent.

Satan might have seen this as an opportunity to laugh at of our quietness and, like the Israelites, looking kind of crazy marching around the walls of Jericho, but guess who got the last laugh?

God Bless! See you next Sunday…God willing

Sacred Dance

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Who Touched Me?

There is a special feeling you get when you read the verses of scripture in Luke 8:45-47 where Jesus asks the question, “Who touched me?” Jesus was also saying that the virtue has left his body. There seemed to be a sudden pause to reflect on the feeling.

I did not think it would take me so long to write about The Rock Block Service on Sunday night. But, to tell you the truth, I am still in awe about the special touch the Lord bestowed upon us all that evening. The picture right before you says is all.
IMG_6539 The joy and gladness that we feel embracing His eternal salvation leaves us totally amazed.

Thank God for that persistent woman who knew what she needed, went after it and was change because of her faith; what an example for us. There were people who showed up at the altar of grace by moving quickly from there cars going through the crowd of people to be pray for, I have never witnessed that before.

This truly was a night to remember people just started worshiping and praising God from the depth of their hearts. IMG_6079 I saw my brother, who I made mention in my last report, dancing and praising God and other people on the ground bowing before the Lord.

“Shine on me, Lord, let your light shine on me” was beautifully sang by two young men, IMG_6218 what a touch. We were also blessed by the praise team from Christ Temple Church. There was another persistent woman in our midst, Evangelist Niecy Murray, determined to make sure we all knew Jesus and his ability to touch and change our lives.IMG_6330

Jesus really rocked the block with His touch of grace, Thank You Lord!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007



Friday, August 31, 2007


Being Connected

Earlier in the week I had to stop at the church, The Salvation Army where I noticed a man doing work around the building. My spirit stopped and began pondering where did he come from? All of a sudden I began rejoicing because the Lord said we were able to connect the man who was doing the work to Jesus last year by holding open air services. It is a joy being a match maker for Jesus, how we are able to put in a good word for Him.

As the Psalmist in Psalm chapter 107:1-2 (Living Bible) puts it say “Thank you” to the Lord for being so good, for always being so loving and kind. Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others He has saved you from your enemies.

We all have different things in common, wealth, education, skin color or political status that makes us different, but there is one thing that we all have in common, that makes the scripture found in John 10:10 so relevant to us, that Satan is our worst enemy.

There was a minister by the name of Paul Bone from Jubilee Christian Worship Center, who shared his testimony with us at the Rock the Block evangelistic service on Sunday night. IMG_5941 I can remember him saying that when he was involved with gangs and drugs that he always wanted to connect with the big man, meaning the big drug dealer; but was denied access constantly.

Now he is thanking God for bringing him out of that life style and finally he is connected to the BIG SON OF MAN “JESUS”. There were a couple of new converts who stood up to testify about how Jesus touched their lives and how grateful they were for us being on the block sharing his love and helping people get connected.

The message for the night was right on point, spoken by Minister Dexter Jenkins also from Jubilee. IMG_5896 He described to us Jesus’ willingness to hang out with sinners, always looking out for the lost, this time it was Zaccheus who was called out and was connected to Jesus, because he was willing to confess and believe.

Love making was at its best by the worship and praise team from the Promise Worship Center singing their hearts out before the Lord, saturating the atmosphere with joy.

Finally the night would not be complete without a love connection, which came at the end of the night again, a young man who was listening to the service for a long time was approached; come to find out that there was a falling out with him and Jesus, so we were able to help out with reconnecting him back with Jesus,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My heart is still rattling from this past weekend Holy Ghost Extravaganza, at the Soul Winning Campaign rally held in Mattapan Square located in Boston, MA.

It is sometimes so hard to fathom the fact of how ignorant the people in the world are that someone would have to act so foolishly to persuade them to know God, their own Father, (Creator) His love and gift. As found in 1 Corinthians 1:21

"For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe."
Check out King David in 2 Samuel 6:21-22 David retorted to Michal, “I was dancing before the LORD, who chose me above your father and all his family! He appointed me as the leader of Israel, the people of the LORD, so I celebrate before the LORD. 22 Yes, and I am willing to look even more foolish than this, even to be humiliated in my own eyes! But those servant girls you mentioned will indeed think I am distinguished!”

King David did not have a problem being a fool for his God baring almost all to celebrate his God and by all means he will do even more foolish things as King David said.
I'll tell you saints, I do not see any other way to reach the massive amount of people for God without more foolishness. People need to see our affection and witness us celebrating our King.IMG_5741
Praise the Lord; He supplied us all the energy to act like fools. IMG_5726 Preaching and sharing the gospel message of repentance along the city streets, shouting and handing out invites to Gods kingdom to the massive crowds of people coming into the city for the Carribean Carnival. What a spirit filled charge being out there.

It was amazing to see all the signs and praise banners that were up on the street poles.IMG_5703 There was no doubt that someone noticed and that a seed of Christ was planted in some heart or some Christian was encouraged by the appeal that God was making to His people.

Let's give a shout out to all the laborers from various churches who worked so IMG_5723 effortlessly sharing their faith, it was a great sight to see.

There appears to be an alarming ring in my spirit that I can’t shake regarding the need to get the gospel message out, because judgment will not begin until the warning notices go out (Noah’s effect) confronting the world about the coming of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.

I firmly believe the Lord is calling peoples attention to this sacred mission, to being his foolish witnesses.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007


God Still Needs An Army Of Witnesses
After almost two months of being out on the Soul Winning Campaign trail this summer, sharing the gospel with the whosoever, I felt blessed to discover that God still needs an army of witnesses.”
The Battle Isn’t Over” just escalating.

At the worship service on Sunday morning we were blessed by a real war veteran, a real patriarch of the faith, Corps Sgt Major Edward Gooding, (“Sarg”).
sarg 2The message was on walking with God. Sarg reminded us about the ages past how men devoted themselves to walk with God and by their faith, were able to achieve great success over the enemy.

Yesterday was one of those days to think back to when I first began at The Salvation Army; how this local officer, Sarg, our speaker for the day, would be so committed and courageous with his witness inside and outside the church, because of his walk with the Lord, he was able to build an army of witnesses and help preserve the mission of Christ, his King. His efforts have impacted this community in a great way.

It is amazing, in my devotional time earlier in the week, the scriptures were speaking to my heart in 2Chronicles Chapters 23&24, about a high priest who God used to preserve the lineage of King David and things that he did to help stabilize the nation.

How strong Israel and its army was under this certain king and priest, but when the priest died, the people began to worship an image (tradition) and no longer walked with God, so He raised up another small army to wipeout Israel’s huge army because of their sin.

We are living in a day where God is still looking for an army to worship Him in spirit and in truth, not other gods or images, let us not take anything for granted.

The Bible says that the Jews were so hooked on their tradition, that they missed what the spirit of God was saying through Jesus. Acts7:51-53

What a sight it was watching God bring out some heavy artillery, Bro Dan, a fellow laborer in campaign for Christ, a sound engineer, hauled in two trailers filled with sound equipment and a big generator. It was clear from the beginning that God had something special up His sleeve, a loud clear message of His love.

The battle was on! A powerful brigade of witnesses showed up in force at the Rock the Block Service. The fight was led by a woman…no not Deborah, the prophetess of in the book of Judges…but Pastor Kris Zinnanti of Christ The Rock Metro Church
I saw her brief her troops and afterward a command of charge and the rest was history..
Blow after blow, by the spirit filled skits, testimonies, singing, their was nothing else left for her to do but to chop off the head of the enemy with the word and receive the bounty of souls back into God’s Kingdom, at the altar of grace.
I am so happy that the Lord is still raising up an army of witnesses to win souls and to carry on until the final battle is won. Hallelujah!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


SWC PRAISE CAM - Soldiers Address

Pastor Kris Zinnanti

Friday, August 17, 2007


Redeeming The Times

What a challenge it is for Christians today. I am finding it quite agonizing writing this report because I am deeply thinking about the cost that Christians must be willing to pay to really redeem the times. Ephesians 5:16

I can hear the voice of God saying “build Noah build”. The relentless spirit of Noah is in the atmosphere bringing awareness to the world about the arrival of Jesus Christ.
Saints – It Is Time To Stand Up And Stand Out For Jesus.

Well, Sunday morning started out with a bang. The message at The Salvation Army Worship and Service Center in Roxbury was “Who is your Cornelius?”

The Lord told Peter to go, expose who I AM to a man by the name of Cornelius, what a challenge it was for Peter to share Gods gift of salvation; knowing the ridicule that he would receive amongst his own people.

Because of his obedience, Peter was blessed with something wonderful. The opportunity
to experience first hand the joy of Gods salvation to the Gentile nation, like Jesus who endured the cross for us knowing the joy that awaited him. Hebrews 12:2

Oh what joy we all experienced being at the Rock the Block Evangelistic Service Sunday evening. Starting from the stage area, my eyes witnessed an entire band, two keyboard players, two guitar players, several drummers, and two wonderful singers,
IMG_5512 all a part of the Unorthodox Praise Band. The atmosphere was filled with a glorious sound of praise.

The Messengers of Christ also filled the atmosphere with shouts of praise by rapping the lyrics of salvation;
IMG_5337 these brothers do not care about the cost to follow Jesus. They let it be known whom they serve!

From the pulpit, Rev. Dr. Anthony S. Medford preached the call to recognize that

IT WILL COST YOU SOMETHING TO FOLLOW CHRIST IMG_5474, whether it is family, friends or social status.

We all should come to the conclusion that Jesus it worth it.

From here you can celebrate the faces and the power of Gods salvation, one brother was so moved at the altar that he gave God an offering by pouring out his liquor and spiting out the demons that had tormented him, they were evicted,
IMG_5531 and there were more IMG_5529 souls saved that evening all the way up until we were all packed up ready to leave.

By seeing the joy of deliverance on those who received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, made everything that went on Sunday evening worth the cost.

Messengers For Christ

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


By Grace Alone


From a Salvationists heart, I would like to thank everyone who has taken time out to visit and enjoy the blog site. There is no greater joy than to be able to share this small lunch box of faith.

Like the little lad in the Bible, John chapter 6, who waited with great expectation to see Jesus take care of the needs of a multitude of people with only a lunch box filled with five loaves and two fishes.

Hallelujah, what a time we all had on Sunday night at the Rock the Block Service, it was a blast. As I was driving a fully loaded truck back to the Corps (Church) my spirit began to wonder how the Lord would direct me to describe what took place on Sunday night.

Well, the revelry bells rang around 4am Monday, and his Spirit took me back to the Sunday Morning Worship Service. I began remembering how I was feeling, like death was knocking at my door and what came to mind was the story in the Bible about the four lepers who God used in 2 Kings Chapter 7 to end the famine in the land brought on by the Syrian invasion.

The leper’s time was limited because of their hunger. Then the question was asked, why not confront the enemy for mercy and because of the leper’s willingness to go, God showed them not only His mercy but His Salvation and a lot of lives were spared. I can honestly say that if I never went out to the open air, in other words, the enemy camp, I would have never witnessed God’s Salvation like this; I would be a cold, dead soldier.

When I saw all the men come together, most from the Teen Challenge Ministry of Boston, lifting up the name of Jesus and when God words of exhortation was shared with us by Pastor Josh Fulton & Bro. Nelson Ugochukwu, there was no doubt that God’s grace was going to allow some famished soul to be saved, by the bread of life, JESUS!


There must be some rejoicing going on up in HEAVEN! Amen

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Jesus is strengthening our body of believers as we continue to pray regularly together each morning from 5:30am- 6:30am
call 1-916-233-3333 Ascess Code is 10436#
Call and be blessed by the Lord or
leave your prayer requests in the comment area.

God Almighty

There is excitement in the air in Boston. I know you must be thinking what might that mean, I am here to tell you that our Lord and Savior is energizing His body (the church) to become more involved with the effort of informing people about His coming Kingdom more now than I have ever seen before.

I am thanking God for all the great supporters that came out on
Saturday, July 28, 2007 to share their witness by holding up God sacred message to Repent and testifying of the goodness of the Lord, Pastors and lay people were having a good time.

There is no greater joy than to see the body come together like this, only God can cause this kind of stir in the atmosphere and we firmly believe there is a lot more to come.

Rock The Block Praise Report 7-29-07

A Divine Call To Worship
What a way to start a Sunday morning! The Lord was questioning me asking, “What did I do to people to deserve this, He said?” The chills are still running up and down my spine just reliving this question that He asked.

It seems as though His heart was broken because of so many of His people having deserted Him; I can hear him so clearly questioning, after all I have done for them.

Giving them food, clothing, health and salvation through my Son that they still will not worship Me.

He reminded me of the story about a king in the book of Daniel Chapter 4, because the king neglected to acknowledge God and his boasting about his own power, God turned him into an animal.

SWC Praise Team

The Spirit of the Lord really sounded out loud at Rock The Block Service Sunday night, there were a lot of empty chairs in the place at the beginning, but by the time His Worship Bands played filled with young men and the powerful message shared by our guest speaker, Pastor AJ Beech of The Greater Anointing Harvest Church.

There was only room for people to stand and rejoice over souls being touched near and far by the divine call to worship. Even the Boston police stopped and received a blessing.

Did you know that the forecast was saying heavy downpours? I don’t think anything could have stood in the way of what God had to say to us that night. Needless to say – it did not rain.

Here is some more good news. Because of the success and the responses from the people; we thank God for favor in being able to extend, the Rock the Block Services through the month of September.

Lastly, let us give a shout of praise to God for allowing Unorthodox Praise Worship Band, join the Soul Winning Campaign Team and to lead us in Worship & Praise for the remaining services.

Hallelujah!!!! Praise The Lord!!!!!!

SWC PRAISE CAM REPORT 7-29-07 Pastor A.J. Beech

SWC PRAISE CAM - Rapper Kip Farrow

The Power Movement - 7 Witnesses

Minister Hobbs


Sacred Mission

Operation Noah's Ark
Praise the Lord Saints!

I am Ron Allen of The Salvation Army Worship and Service Center located in Roxbury, MA. I am compelled to share this exciting news with you concerning a massive appeal that Jesus is making to strike at the hearts of man to inform them of His eminent return.

Because of the voice of God asking me, “Where is your brother? And don't stand before Me on judgment day saying that you are not his keeper”. I had to ask God what I should do. God answered telling me to call my brothers together because it’s time for them to not only watch each others back, but for us to cast the net of Salvation into the city streets to haul in the souls and store them into the granaries of Heaven.

For the past two years I have been calling men together from the body of Christ every fourth Saturday of the each month for the God's Armor Bearer Men's Fellowship Breakfast.

We meet at The Salvation Army at 23 Vernon Street in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

At each breakfast fellowship, a different Church has shared God’s vision and it’s no surprise that each time it has all been the same vision.

Since coming together the Lord has shared a revelation with us concerning end time which is the Noah’s Ark effect. The world is in a rebellious and lost state. God and his grace built out something massive to appeal to the hearts of man.

This Ark of Praise and Awareness is being constructed at this very time in the form of a campaign for Christ called the

Soul Winning Campaign.

We are asking for your support as we gear up for four powerful rallies and eight
Soul Winning Campaign Evangelistic Services held throughout the City of Boston this summer.

Last year we had a great time getting the campaign off and running and this year, with your support, we can emerge all the different construction sites of revival together forming a unionize local for Jesus Super Structure. America boasts itself of it unions, why not us.

Just think about this: if I hold up one sign alone people can easily miss it, but if 2,000 witnesses hold up a sign stating “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand”, it will hit at the hearts of men. I firmly believe that if we hold up the signs that God will bring the Wonders. There are various other signs and banners, we are now close to 800 in storage so please claim one this summer and help us build.

There is a lot of excitement being on the Campaign trail for Jesus Christ.
Saints you know we need to wake America up with our proclamation of PRAISE.

Contact: Campaign Coordinator Ron Allen 617-980-6965

Rock The Block Praise Report 7-22-07

IMG_4418 IMG_4451 IMG_4465 IMG_4506 IMG_4491 IMG_4411 IMG_4402

The Gospel Still Travels Outside The Bushel

Jesus spoke out so clearly on how not to allow the good news of his kingdom to stay hidden beneath a bushel. (Matthew 5:15) I was shocked to hear in my spirit that the devil had a restraining order out on the church, demanding that we stay in the church and off his property (highways and bi-ways), meaning, there is no chance for freedom for those still held bound in his prison camps.

Well, I am a witness that at the “Rock the Block” evangelistic service, the gates of hell were stormed by brave men who stood to testify of the goodness of Jesus and His glorious kingdom IMG_4415 IMG_4452 and because of their great act of bravery a soul returned home to the kingdom.

Giving thanks to God for six men from The Power Movement Ministry, and one powerful young brother twenty years of age from the New Testament Church of God who
all confessed their love for Jesus and how He had changed their lives.
IMG_4410 IMG_4402 IMG_4506
The testimonies were about homosexuality, gang involvement, drugs, serving time in jail, being a bad father-figure, life-threatening childhood accidents, and one celebrating his faithfulness to God by still being a virgin and not giving into the many temptations from the Devil.

My Heart is still screaming HALLELUJAH!

It Is Time To Be A Winner! – Join The Soul Winning Campaign.

Too Good To Be True

Rock The Block Service

Praise Report

I can recall being at the Sunday morning worship service when it came time for the altar call my heart cried out, filled with concern, not wanting the rain to interfere with the rock the block service once again. I prayed for souls to be saved amid the praising & preaching of the gospel on this day.

The rest is history, the Lord blessed us again by allowing the Deliverance Temple Worship Team to saturate the atmosphere with sounds of praise. The singing made it easier for the saints who were passing out tracks to people in cars and to those walking by.

Pastor Osborne's message, "Where Will You Spend Eternity?", kept the attention of the crowd and filled our hearts with joy as we were reminded of God's greatest gift.

Finally, I remember telling the crowd at the beginning of the service that God was using us as bait to catch a soul to reel into the Kingdom. By the end of the service, I realized we had a lot of nibblers, could you believe this?

As we were packing up to leave a man walked over wanting to buy a hotdog and asking what was going on. I could hear my wife calling my name to come and meet Tony.

By the time I finished telling Tony everything that had gone on and that the night was for him, he cried out. Tony expressed how tired and fed up he was with his life, revealing to me the tracks of drug addiction in his arm.

As we began to pray the sinners prayer, I could feel the Spirit of the living God drawing my brother in and all this (the gift of salvation and the hotdog) was given to him free of charge!

To God Be The Glory!!

Rock The Block Service Praise Report 7-8-2007

A Day To Remember.

It was a blessing to see how God allowed his witnesses to stand against the inclement weather and prevail.
At the brink of canceling the service due to rain, the prayers begin to go up, asking God for a sign of what to do.

I could hear the Lord say look under the tree, I notice a man by the tree who had just pulled up on his moped. So all who were praying went under tree, by sharing our faith with the man, he accepted Jesus as his Savior.

So God not only sent a sign, he sent a soul, and the rain stopped and the celebrating began.

God used four wonderful Messengers from The Salvation Army to preach the gospel that night. The first was a young man by the name of Jaylen Bell, all of twelve years of age! Second was Major Yvon Alkintor, third was Major Edna Yearwood and forth was Sis. Patricia Yearwood.

The rain returned and we packed up everything and left happy because of what God had done.
P1000186 P1000191 P1000198 P1000200
Thank You Jesus for the VICTORY!

Rally Update

Praise The Lord!
TheHarvest is truly ripe and the laborers are coming together to
celebrate our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.

Here is the latest news and praise report from our last rally held on June 23, 2007

1. See all the pictures from the rally, click photos on campaign trail and view slide show. ps leave some comments - Thanks.

greatest gift of all time, the sIMG_2872

2. Words can't describe the joy we all felt sharing God's acred salvation message "repent" it got the attention of a lot of people and all the tracks that were handed out - WOW!

3. I have never seen that many pastors on one block cheering for people to receive Jesus' gift of salvation; something special is most certainly happening in Boston.

4. One man by the name of James not only got saved, but slept on the door steps over night of The Salvation Army ARC Center in Brockton, MA because the Lord touched him that day and he requested a ride all the way to Brockton to enter the recovery program. Prior to his ride to Brockton, James tossed out the beer bottle he had in his hand! Praise GOD!!!!!!!! He said he was a Christian before but was a backslider. At last check-in, James was still at the ARC.

5. Soul Winning Campaign Evangelistic Services will begin this Sunday night July 8, 2007. The location is at The Dudley Commons at the corner of Blue Hill Ave & Dudley St. come and experience the power of the Holy Spirit draw souls into the God's Eternal Kingdom.

6. Our next street rally is Saturday, July 28th in the Grove Hall area from 12PM to 2PM, and please spread the word. I truly believe we are the light of the world without witnesses there is no hope.

Let me know if you have any thoughts please share them.

God Bless!



Rock The Block Service 8-5-07 Teen Challenge/Grace Church Of All Nations

Soul Winnining Campaign Presents
Celebrate Salvation Services

Come and enjoy eight wonderful Sunday nights of fun filled fellowship
with yours truly the Holy Ghost a.k.a JESUS!
at the
Location: Blue Hill Ave @ Dudley St, Roxbury, MA

Sunday, August 5, 2007 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Host: Teen Challange
Speakers: A Few Good Men

Rock The Block Service 8/12 United Emmanuel Holiness Church/Beulah Pilgrim Holiness Church

Soul Winnining Campaign
Celebrate Salvation Services

Come and enjoy eight wonderful Sunday nights of fun
filled fellowship

with yours truly the Holy Ghost a.k.a JESUS!
Location: Blue Hill Ave @ Dudley St, Roxbury, MA

Sunday, August 12, 2007 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Host: Beulah Pilgrim Holiness Church /
United Emmanuel Holiness Church

Speakers: Pastor Davis - Rev. Dr. Anthony S. Medford

Rock The Block Service 8/19 Christ The Rock Metro Church

Soul Winnining Campaign

Celebrate Salvation Services

Come and enjoy eight wonderful Sunday nights of fun filled fellowship
with yours
truly the Holy Ghost a.k.a JESUS!

Location: Blue Hill Ave @ Dudley St, Roxbury, MA
Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Host: Christ The Rock Metro Church

Speakers: Pastor Louis Zinnanti